​​​​                                       Professional Member of the International Metaphysical Practitioners Association (IMPA) in good standing and adheres to the high standards of the IMPA Code of Ethics for the benefit of all concerned and in the spirit of “Do no harm.” For more info, Click Here.

Rev. Dr. Michael Williams PhD. CH. CMC.  is a respected hypnotherapist, metaphysical counselor, life coach & ordained reverend. Rev. Dr. Williams holds a professional membership with The International Metaphysical Practitioners Association. 

Dr. Williams has spent many years mastering the art & science of hypnosis through formal education & hands on work experience in counseling, mentoring & even martial arts & eastern philosophy. In his early years, Dr. Williams was a women's self defense instructor & restorative massage therapist with a specialization in metaphysical healing. At the conclusion of his educational journey, Dr. Williams decided to devote his life to the healing arts by means of hypnotherapy & mind, body & spiritual work. During this journey, Dr. Williams also embarked on a spiritual quest to find balance & inner peace. Having become an ordained interfaith reverend, Dr. Williams also finds time to give back to the community as a wedding officiant as well as offering funeral speaking services & handfasting ceremonies. Dr. Williams has developed a non-invasive & gentle approach to hypnosis in which the subject remains in total conscious awareness while also being in a deep state of hypnotic suggestion. No what what the personal crisis is, Dr. Williams is confident to find a solution. 

Mission Statement: 

Dr. Williams founded this practice with the goal of offering everyone who faces day to day personal crisis issues in a calm, trusting & positive atmosphere. Dr. Williams applies a trusting and believing experience with an understanding, respectful & an individually designed approach to hypnotherapy & counseling which is low cost and works with even the busiest person's schedule. 

~ A personal message from Dr. Williams ~

Hi everyone! if you're reading this, congratulations as you have taken the first & most critical step towards working on the issues which many of us face, yet find difficulty in seeking help for & in many cases even admitting we need. I cannot promise you that this journey will be easy, effortless or without it's setbacks & challenges, but I believe in you & I'm hear to walk through this adventure with you. 

Dr. Williams 

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